"Screenagers" Generation Clock Up to 10 Hours Of Monitor Usage

UK youngsters have literally turned into “screenagers” who spend around ten hours a day glued to a variety of screens including TVs, computers, mobile phones, and video games, according to a new survey.

The survey revealed that a huge proportion of UK youths have turned their back from traditional leisure activities, and pass a majority of their spare time in their bedroom, where they have most of their high-tech gadgets available.

Youngsters generally spend much of their time in watching television, texting to their friends, surfing the web, playing games consoles, scrolling through their iPods, or simply gazing at their computer screens during their academic lessons.

Television is still the prime attention-grabber for youngsters, with an average child glued to television screens for around 2 hours and 43 minutes, while computers account for 3 hours and 44 minutes of an average UK kid’s time.

In addition, texting takes up around 49 minutes a day, while playing games and browsing the web on handset consumes 38 minutes and playing with game consoles consumes 1 hour and 6 minutes a day.

Clare McDougall, the education programme director for the energy firm npower, which conducted the survey of 3,000 seven to 16-year old youths, said in a statement, “The call of the screen is hard to ignore. The summer holidays are traditionally a time when you expect kids to be outdoors. But the lure of technology has made it harder to get young people to switch off.”

Our Comments

We're convinced that 70 hours per week is quite a conservative number. Here in the office, some of us juggle between three different screens at our desk, then watch a movie on the tube then some telly at home while peeping at our laptops from time to time. For an office worker, spending around 12 hours in front of a monitor is not something unheard of.

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