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£349.95 LG HR400 Blu-ray Player 160GB HDD Recorder

With an excellent reputation for their Blu-ray players, you can rest assured that the player within the HR400 is of excellent quality. With Blu-ray discs you can enjoy movies as they were supposed to be seen; in glorious high definition, packed full of detail.

The uncompressed sound quality is another benefit available from this LG Blu-ray player. As with other Blu-ray players, the LG HR400 will playback your existing DVDs to a very high standard. In fact, provided you have a suitable TV, it can upscale them to 1080p, for even greater levels of clarity.

Where the LG HR400 Blu-ray player scores over some of its rivals is in being able to playback DivX discs. There are plenty of other features that make this a great Blu-ray player to own.

With the latest generation Blu-ray technology, the LG HR400 goes further by offering BD live. Connect the HR400 to your Broadband connection and you can download extra content from the film you're watching.

Other benefits with this Blu-ray/HDD include access to videos from YouTube - without having to switch on your computer.

Alongside the high-spec Blu-ray player is a 160GB Hard Disc Drive (HDD) or Personal Video Recorder (PVR). With its built-in Freeview + tuner, you can record up to 477 hours of TV. Furthermore, TV can be paused or rewound for the ultimate in flexibility.

Put together, the LG HR400 could replace your existing DVD player, VCR, set-top box and still give you the added benefit of super-quality Blu-ray. Throw in the LG's smooth styling and ease of use and this has to be the one-box video solution of choice.

You can buy (opens in new tab) this LG HR400 Blu-ray Player for £349.95 from

Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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