BT To Roll Out 40mbps Broadband In Glasgow

Glasgow is poised to become one of the UK’s first cities to have superfast fibre-optic broadband, as BT announced its plans to roll out its fibre-optic network in the city sometime around autumn this year.

More than 15,500 homes and businesses in the Scottish city will have broadband services with superfast speeds of up to 40Mbps, with different areas like Cardonald, Hillington, and Crookston will be among the first to be benefited by the services.

In a bid to make the superfast broadband service available to users in Glasgow, BT’s local network business arm, Openreach, will be installing 56 new street cabinets along with around 30 miles of cable across the city. The speed of the broadband service could go well up to 60Mbps in the future.

The initiative marks the onset of BT’s ambitious plans to roll out fibre-optic broadband services to up to 40 percent of the UK households by 2012. The broadband service provider is expecting that around 1.5 million UK homes will have access to faster fibre-optic broadband services by the beginning of the summer of next year.

Commenting upon rolling out superfast broadband services in Glasgow, the Openreach director for Scotland, Bob Downes, said in a statement, “The race to get super-fast broadband into Glasgow is well and truly underway. The accelerator is flat to the floor.”

Our Comments

BT has announced the debut of 20mbps broadband service across UK yesterday although we did find out that the speeds were well below the 20mbps ceiling, more like 7 to 8mbps in the few online tests we carried out.

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