Championship Manager 2010 To Cost As Little As £2.51

For a limited period, award winning game Championship Manager 2010 will be available for sale for as little as 1p plus a £2.50 transaction fee in a trial by Edios and Beautiful Game Studios to see whether gamers embrace a "pay what you want" scheme.

From the 18th of August to the 10th of September, the game will cost whatever gamers think they are worth after which, its price will be hiked significantly to £29.99.

Prospective buyers will have to visit the official Championship manager website to register and make their payment and only purchases made during the aforementioned period will be eligible for the "pay what you want" promotion.

On the official launch date, they will be able to download the full game and the promotion obviously only applies to the digital download, not the boxed version.

Eidos has already confirmed that there will be a special edition box with six CM Live Season updates included for free which will be sold. The promotion is reminiscent of the move by Rock band Radiohead back in 2007 when they released their In Rainbows album and asked for fans to pay whatever they'd like to.

Surprisingly at least two thirds of the 1.2 million legitimate downloaders paid at least £4 for the album. it will be interesting to see whether players will show the same level of commitment for their favourite game.

Our Comments

Obviously the reason why CM 2010 is going for cheap for a limited amount of time is to convince people to buy rather than pirate, the game. Eidos is taking a page from Microsoft who has do done the same thing for Windows 7 a few weeks ago with some very, very good results.

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