Don't Expect An Apple Tablet In September Event Says Source

Apple will hold an iPod-related event on the 9th of September, as it has been the case for the last four years, in San Francisco and may see the launch of new iPod models plus possibly a new version of iTunes.

Sources close to the event - and Apple - told John Paczkowski from Digital Daily that the Yerba Buena Center for the arts is the likely place for the celebrations to happen.

But it looks like those waiting for an Apple tablet are likely to be sorely disappointed. Paczkowski's source told him that the event "will not involve any discussion whatsoever of the tablet Apple is reportedly developing".

The various pieces of the puzzle that have surfaced include Apple's Cocktail project which tries to revive the concept of the album and, succinctly, wants to turn back the clocks to convince people that buying albums rather than single is much better (for Apple and the music studios that is).

There's also the fact that the next iTunes could turn up with native social networking features like the ability to connect with Facebook and other social networking websites and exchange information seamlessly.

In addition, there have been talks of Apple's forthcoming iPods featuring a camera with some indication that the model would be a 3-megapixel model with autofocus, just like on the iPhone 3GS. We won't hold our breath though.

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Amongst the other rumours that could well become true are an OLED-equipped iPod which will bring a much better resolution coupled with a more frugal power consumption, a streaming music service to compete with Spotify and a 64GB storage capacity for the iPod Touch which is almost a certainty.

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