Sony PS3 Price Cuts & New Model Confirmed

Major retailers in the US and in the UK have started to cut the price of the Sony Playstation 3 gaming console ahead of the quasi-official release of a new cheaper, slimmer and more "mature" PS3 model.

Sony is expected to make the announcement at a Gamescom press conference which is scheduled for this afternoon in Cologne, Germany.

UK-based ASDA, which is part of retailing giant, Walmart, has started to offer the 80GB PS3 console for as little as £250 instore only with the film "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" on Blu-ray and the game "Terminator Salvation", plus either Ghostbusters The Game or Infamous.

The console is currently out of stock online at the usual £287. According to who was briefed by one spokesperson from Asda, said that the offer would continue "until stock ran out".

FYE, a popular retailer in the US, has already dropped the price of the PS3 to $299.99 from $399.99 for the 80GB version while the 160GB version shed $100 as well although a poster showing the promotion was clearly marked with a "while supplies last" warning.

In addition, another US retailer, Kmart has put up an advert saying "the rumors are reality" before adding, "new low price and a new exciting Playstation 3".

Our Comments

It does make sense to Sony to release a new version of the Playstation 3. The manufacturing process for the game console is mature enough that it warrants another model. Like for the previous PS2, the new PS3 will not only give a new lease of life to the console but it will also slash the manufacturing price and its suggested retail price.

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