UK Pirate Party Nears 3,500 Followers On Facebook

Just within a few days after its official registration in the UK, the Pirate Party is claiming to have as many as 259 paid-up members associated with it, indicating the kind of support the party is garnering in its bid to legalise file swapping across the web.

The party officially came into being on 11 August after the Electoral Commission green signalled the party’s registration, and its policies pivot around three core issues; to restructure the patent and copyright rules; to end excessive surveillance over the web users by the government and businesses; and to make sure right to freedom of speech for the UK citizens.

Reports from various parts have pinpointed that around 100 new members are registering with the party every hour, but the party treasurer Erik Preizkalns, asserted he still required to confirm the figures about the count of members the party received to date.

Citing the same, he said in a statement, “The number previously quoted in the press was a reasonable estimate based on extremely early data. To ensure accuracy, I will double-check the applications received thus far, and I intend to make a public announcement tomorrow.”

In addition, with around 3,500 supporters, the Pirate Party also claimed that it has outnumbered both the UK Conservative Party as well as the UK Independent Party in terms of numbers of supporters on Facebook.

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In addition, the Pirate Party UK has reached nearly 1500 members on Twitter. Those interested in joining the party will have to pay £10 for the whole year. Under 21 membership is exactly the same as over 21 membership, with the only difference is the initial cost.

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