Bebo & Founders Invest In Tweetdeck

A couple of tech heavyweights behind some of the big names in the industry, including and Bebo, have now fuelled a project aimed at offering easier access to the microblogging phenomenon Twitter.

The co-founder of Brent Hoberman, along with Bebo founder Michael Birch, belonged to the consortium of investors who together have poured a whopping $2 million into TweetDeck, a well-known desktop and iPhone app for Facebook and Twitter.

TweetDeck, an app which is touted as ‘air traffic control for Twitter’, was developed by a London-based computer developer Dodsworth around a year back, and it is now believed that almost 10 to 15 percent tweets are sent using the application.

The application works with the social networking platform Facebook, with TweetDeck’s founder is hoping to extend its capabilities to support other popular platforms too.

Twitter has now become a renowned brand on the web of late, enabling users to share their thoughts by posting messages, popularly known as “tweets”, containing not more than 140 characters.

The investor duo has made their TweetDeck investment via PROfounders Capital, a new investment fund tailored to help entrepreneurs to invest in new businesses. Other members of the investor consortium include Peter Dubens, the famous businessmen behind broadband company Pipex.

In addition, Y Combinator has also announced to extend helping hand to people who will develop the websites that will likely to substitute the dying news organisations sticking to an out-of-date 20th century business model.

Our Comments

Investing in Twitter and/or related services can seriously damage your financial health. Last month's attack on Twitter showed the extent to which the whole ecosystem is fragile. Although Twitter successfully ramped up afterwards, related sites like or Cotweet suffered from the DDoS hammering long afterwards.

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