Sony Follows Loewe With Cunning TV Scrappage Scheme

Sony is introducing a new scrappage scheme which will hand out up to a maximum of £150 to those who purchase a new television set from the consumer electronics giant.

The recycling scheme, which will involve handing back you old TV set, will start on the 21st of August; 26-inch Bravia purchases will attract a £50 cashback whereas purchasers of a 46-incher like the KDL-46WE5 will get the full £150 discount.

American rock singer, Alice Cooper, will be the face of the new campaign which emulates the popular government car scrappage scheme which gies up to £2000 for sending an old banger to the trash.

The message that the advertising campaign will convey will be that users need to update their TV sets before the digital switchover is completed. Sony, quietly evades the cheaper option of adding a £20 Set-top box instead of a television set.

In addition, Sony fails to say that the current version of Freeview will almost certainly be obsolete by next year when Freeview HD becomes mainstream and to make things worse, big size televisions are likely to consume more power because of their size.

Sony has not said whether there is a limitation on the age of the television or whether they should be in working order or fit in a particular size range. However, Comet, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and a number of other retailers have been enlisted by Sony.

The deal means that you should be able to grab the superb Sony KDL46V5500U for as little as £784.98 from Comet.

Our Comments

Sony UK general marketing manager Matt Coombe said: "The campaign itself offers customers the advantages of swapping old for new rather than simply throwing away - encouraging old televisions to be responsibly disposed of. "Another important element of this campaign is the reassurance for our customers that Sony will help them through the digital switchover. We understand that peace of mind is currently high on priority lists at this difficult economic time."

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