Will the Real Cyber Security Czar Please Stand Up?

(please stand up, please stand up…) Does it strike anyone as odd that even months after the Obama administration announced its cyber security czar, they either can’t find anyone, or no one wants the job?

Melissa Hathaway, who was the interim cybersecurity czar, resigned citing personal reasons this week, leaving the job vacant for now.

Are our problems with cyber security simply too large for a dedicated czar to step up and take the reigns? Is it more lucrative to consult to organizations who’ll pay exorbitant amounts of money to expensive advisors to help develop an uber-security posture?

Or maybe it’s a matter of politics? Hathaway was one of the holdovers from W’s administration. And let’s face it, well, it’s certainly easier to sit on the sidelines and comment. So that’s what we’ll do!

Here are three considerations Obama should look at for the right candidate – not it’s not someone ‘with the right mix of political know-how and deep security expertise.’ C’mon, that’s ridiculous. Here’s some food for thought…..

Someone who knows the tricks of the trade – someone with a white hat who knows exactly how to break into corporate networks, steal confidential data and not leave a trace.

Oh, and they know how to reverse-engineer every step, every piece of code. They know exactly how the most sophisticated attackers get the data they’ve worked hard to get to.

Someone not political. Not at all. Who cares if they’re responsible for setting policy? If this individual has the know-how and a broad enough background on the corporate or consultant side, maybe that’s what is need to shake things up.

That might just uncover what a lot of people AREN’T doing with regard to this initiative. Jeez, Barack should have gone to Black Hat in Vegas last week, a perfect recruiting site for this vacant post!

Someone who isn’t just a figurehead. They can’t be mired in the muckiness, and they certainly can’t be tethered by both the National Security Council and the National Economic Council.

They should head up this group, period. Sure they should be able to deliver a speech to report progress publicly, but they need to come in and get stuff done.