Windows 7 Home Premium To Cost £64.98 Delivered

Microsoft could offer Windows 7 customers in the UK, an unexpected Christmas gift in the form of a heavy discount for those who will be purchasing the Home Premium edition of the operating system.

Amazon as well as a number of other online and high street retailers are selling the software for £64.98, a price which includes delivery and represents a steep 57 percent discount from the official suggested retail price.

The shrink-wrapped version of Windows 7 Home Premium, which will be released officially on the 22nd of October, is expected to stay at this price for a foreseeable future according to Cnet UK journalist, Nate Lanxon, who called Amazon to get more details.

The Professional and Ultimate versions are available for £149.98 and £169.98 respectively which are still steeply discounted prices. Usually, UK prices are far more expensive than in the US for untold reasons

But at least for now, the price of Home Premium in the UK will cost less than the upgrade version will retail in the US and around half what customers on the other side of the Atlantic will pay for the full version.

The unwillingness of Microsoft to suddenly hike up the price stems from the fact that the company appears to be happy to honour the price of Windows 7 even though this could effectively lead to a lucrative grey market between the US and the UK.

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Amazon sold Windows 7 Home Premium for as little as £44.99 delivered a little while back. As always though, prices of OEMs will be much cheaper than the shrink wrapped box versions. For example, the OEM version of Windows Home Vista Premium costs £74 at eBuyer while the retail boxed version costs around £120.

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