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BT Reaches 500,000 Hotspots Milestone, Aims For One Million

Broadband operator BT has announced that it has reached a coveted landmark of having 500,000 hotspots across the UK, a milestone BT took seven years to achieve, and that it is planning to double the count of Wi-Fi spots by the end of this year.

BT offers Wi-Fi hotspots in a wide range of public places across the length and the breadth of the nation via its Openzone network, with sites featuring the broadband hotspots include Hilton, Ramada Jarvis and Thistle hotels, along with Starbucks and Caffe Nero coffee stores.

In addition, people stopping at Roadchef Costa and Welcome Break stations can also enjoy the company’s Wi-Fi network, as can people at the British Airways, Skyteam, and Flybe airport lounges.

Commenting upon achieving this notable landmark, the chief exec for the company’s retail division, Gavin Patterson said: “We’ve reached a significant milestone in making Wi-Fi available in places where people want to get online. As the UK’s largest broadband retailer, we’re happy to offer the biggest Wi-Fi network too. We’ll continue to expand from here”.

Furthermore, the operator has also notified that it would be providing a free booster package to its subscribers to help them bolster up the speeds of their intern connection considerably.

The BT Broadband Accelerator can be accessed by placing an order online and it is claimed to help customers to achieve internet speed up to 20Mbps.

Our Comments

Could BT be planning something ground breaking? Chances are that the drive to get one million WiFi Hotspots by the end of the year could be concealing a grander project. A meshed mobile phone network anyone? BT is sorely missing a mobile phone network; Cellnet was great until it was spun out.

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