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LG GD910 Watch Phone To Be Available SIM-Free For £499.99?

The LG GD910 mobile watch phone has popped up at; however, the device is not currently available to order although Google Product Search lists with a price of £499.99.

Instead you will have to enter your email address, click the ‘Notify me’ button and they will let you know as soon as it becomes available to pre-order. description also mentions that the GD910's camera will be a 352x288 pixels one, so it is more a webcam rather than a dedicated camera and it is water resistant rather than splash proof.

Another store, US-based Plemix, stocks the phone for £440.47 according to GPS - although the e-tailer lists it as "coming soon". Expansys has already started to take pre-orders on the GD910 with no delivery dates for now.

And according to another website,, The phone is also expected to be available on O2 after the exclusivity period LG has with Orange ends.

Orange has yet to publish list the GD910 on its website either as a contract or Pay as you go item. Given that it costs roughly the same as the Samsung i8910HD, arguably Orange's most expensive phone right now, one can expect it to be available for around £34.25 per month, which is not that expensive.

Our Comments

If the GD910 is a tad too expensive for you, then why not buy the Hyundai W100 which should be available for around £150; although it doesn't come with 3G capabilities, it does have microSD and a tiny camera.

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