Met Police To Use Twitter For Protest Management

In a surprising move, the Metropolitan Police has adopted social media by signing up with the microblogging phenomenon Twitter, in a bid to reach out to protesters to notify about any operational info at a forthcoming rally.

The initiative of setting up a Twitter account is a part of a broader step by the Met, which has drawn severe criticism worldwide for poor handling of G20 demonstration in London earlier this year.

However, the police department said it will have “kettling” as a way for handling the violent protests, but maintains it is bringing upon some key changes in the strategy, which includes confining demonstrators into a small region for hours at a time.

In addition, Met insisted that efforts will be made to enhance communication between officers and protestors, involving the use of the newly formed Twitter account - C011metpolice - which will help protesters to keep aligned with the plans of the police.

Information about the changes surfaced as several protesters are hoped to meet in London sometime around next week to plan for launching an environmental protest. The Camp for Climate Action is gearing up for a week-long event at some secret location.

“The account has been set up specifically to inform the Camp for Climate Action of any operational updates relating to the policing of their event starting on 26 August” , a message on the Met’s website reads.

Our Comments

Great to see that the police force is embracing the microblogging phenomenon. Shame then that they only have 5 followers for now and have attracted mixed messages especially as they said that "Please note we cannot respond to messages via Twitter". Kinda defeats the purpose.

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