Official iPhone App For Wikipedia Launched

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the release of the official Wikipedia application for the iPhone, one which will join the scores of other such apps currently in App store.

The 1.6MB app will allow users to read the notoriously long articles in a special visual format for Apple's smartphone.

In a nutshell, it is a simple wrapper for the mobile version of the online dictionary which is available at You won't be able to modify the website although you will be able to access the search history.

Unlike its rivals, the official Wikipedia will not provide with the ability to save content offline for future reference or to search for terms within pages. There's also the fact that you can't install it on the iPod Touch apparently.

But the app is free, open source and although it has a number of issues, can be modified by any developer, just like Wikipedia itself.

Our Comments

One can download the HTML content of Wikipedia from the website itself. This 700MB download would mean that you don't need to have an internet access. However, disadvantages include the fact that you won't have any images and that the site may not be up to date.

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