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Orange To Sell LG Watch Phone For £500 Only

Mobile phone operator Orange has decided to discount the price of the LG GD910 3G watchphone from an estimated £1000 to a more palatable £500 although that's for a limited time only.

A limited number of the watchphones will be available for sale on Orange's website in mid-September on a first-come-frist-serve basis. Punters will only be able to buy one phone at a time.

The phone will go on sale at Orange's Bond Street Station shop on the 27th of August, probably because such an elegant and sophisticated gadget evocates memories of James Bond.

Orange has yet to say whether the phone will be available on a pay monthly contract and if yes, at what price. That said, we'd strongly encourage you to take on some kind of insurance for it.

In the middle of the worst recession of the last few decades, Orange and LG announced the LG GD910, originally for £1000. Then the price went down to £766 before falling to £500.

The device itself is exceptionally good looking and incidentally splasproof as well. It is a 3G watch that integrates a phone, comes with a scratch resistant touchscreen display (a capacitive model capable of showing 176x420 pixels on 1.43-inch diagonal), built-in speaker, media player, VGA camera, text to speech capabilities as well as Bluetooth functionality.

Both Samsung and Hyundai are also planning their own version of the watch phone with the latter expected to introduce a £200 SIM-Free, non 3G model soonish.

Our Comments

Orange UK director of devices Francois Mahieu enthusiastically declared that: "The LG Touchscreen Watch Phone is one of several ‘future phones’ we’re bringing to UK consumers this year. Being handmade, the device really is highly original and exclusively limited - so you’ll be the envy of all your friends if you’re fortunate enough to get your hands on one."

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