Sony Already Planning Another 250GB PS3 Slim Model

Sony's PS3 Slim might have been released only a few hours ago but the Japanese company is already looking forward for a new model that features a 250GB hard disk drive.

For the records, the 250GB model was presented to the FCC as the CECH-2001B and manufactured by "Sand Dollar Enterprises, Inc." with the address of 919 East Hillsdale Boulevard, Foster City, CA.

This is the actual location of Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Why so much secrecy?

The cheaper and smaller gaming console also pack a Bluray player and the addition of the PS3 Go Play Freeview TV Tuner (£40 at Argos) could turn this newcomer into a powerful integrated Personal Video Recorder capable of downloading content online and playing DVD and Blu-ray movies as well.

A 250GB hard disk drive would turn the PS3 slim into the gaming console with the biggest hard disk drive around, with more than twice the capacity of the Xbox Elite and 50 percent more than the 160GB PS3.

There are rumours that this bigger model could be sold at $399, replacing the current top end model. It is worth noting that ironically, because small capacity 2.5-inch hard disk drives are quite rare, it could actually be cheaper to buy bigger models.

For many though, it will probably be cheaper and simpler to buy a new hard disk drive and install it afresh together with the new firmware. A fly in the ointment though is the fact that the new console is still not compatible with PS2 games.

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Last month, Western Digital released a 1TB 2.5-inch laptop drive which could eventually find its way in one of the forthcoming Playstation console or even the next generation one.

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