Sony PSP Mini Service Not Competing With App Store?

Sony is not looking to rival Apple's lucrative App Store with its newly launched Mini download PSP store, according to the head of marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment of America, John Koller.

That is what you would expect Sony to say even if it was not the case; The service will apparently only offer games and not applications; something which apparently makes sense for Sony. Yet, Koller told Kotaku that the PSP maker had received strong interest from publishers regarding its Minis program.

These lightweight games - which weigh less than 100MB - will be offered for download as "a constant stream" for PSP users from October. In addition, Minis are set to offer "innovative experiences" and "defy categorisation".

The PSP Go, which comes with a 16GB internel Flash memory, will cost £225 in the UK, only £25 cheaper than the just-announced Playstation 3 Slim gaming console.

Sony knows that Apple is making great strides on the portable gaming market with its two products - the iPhone and the iPod Touch - and will nick a few Sony PSP customers in the process.

Apple is an unexpected player in the market and currently acting as a worthy substitute to Microsoft which has yet to release a portable Xbox 360-type gaming console.

At GamesCom, Sony announced that it would be partnering with Marvel Entertainment to deliver digital comics in the form of e-books to PSP owners.

Our Comments

Sooner, rather than later, Sony will decide to convert its PSP into a phone and add a touchscreen to it. The phone is already offering Skype and there have been rumours of a "cellphone-game gear hybrid". As Bumtrumpet, commenting on the Guardian says, "I have a terrible feeling that if i buy one then in six months time Sony will release a version with touchscreen and phone built in and I'll be gutted".

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