Unofficial Spotify Application Unleashed On Android Platform

While the official iteration of the popular Spotify app is yet to hit the Apple’s App store, an informal Spotify-like app offering Android handset users access to the online music streaming service has been made available.

Tagged as “Drodify”, the app has been developed by a third party developer, and just like Spotify, the music service provides live music steaming to users when online through Wi-Fi or 3G networks, along with the feature to create their own customised playlist. However, it doesn’t offer offline playback feature, which is available with the original version of the service.

Spotify users having premium accounts can only use the new Drodify service. The new online jukebox for Android handsets comes with ads, such as commercial radio, but premium account holders can enjoy ad-free listening by paying an extra £10 per month.

Available as a free download app for Android users having premium account holders, Drodify has been touted to be created to allow users to enjoy Spotify on their Android-powered smartphones, while waiting for the official version of the app to make its way onto the handsets.

Android platform has been one of the credible success stories in the smartphone arena, as both HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1 achieved the coveted one million sales mark of late.

Our Comments

Apple might be finicky when it comes to approving applications but this might soon prove to be rather unproductive. Android's strength is that it can cover a bigger spectrum of applications including more "serious" and controversial ones like Spotify or even alternative browsers.

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