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Windows 7 Home Premium Available For £60.75 Thanks To Loophole

For those looking to shave a few pounds off the price of the next Windows 7 Home Premium edition, there is apparently a loophole involving the upgrade version of Windows Vista Home Premium.

According to the terms and conditions (opens in new tab) at Amazon, buying an eligible copy of Windows Vista from between 26th June and 15th October 2009 are eligible for a free copy of the equivalent version of Windows 7 when it is launched.

In addition, Amazon's FAQ section says that "At present in the EU, all versions of Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate) are the full product.s This means that to install Windows 7, you do not need any previous version of Windows installed on your computer."

Now, the upgrade version of Windows Vista, Home Premium Edition with Service Pack 1 is one of them and happens to be the cheapest (opens in new tab) at £60.75, a saving of lightly more than £3 compared to Amazon's price for Windows 7 Home Premium (opens in new tab).

Agharta from consumer forum Hotukdeals explains "The two licenses (Vista Upgrade and Windows 7) are not related and come with different keys. You can treat them as separate entities and are not obliged to use the new version on the PC that the old version was installed on. The difference here is that there is currently no upgrade version of Windows 7 for the UK so when you buy Vista Upgrade you get the full version of Windows 7 for free which is what makes this unusual."

Windows XP users could also gain from installing the Vista upgrade for the next few weeks or so to get used to Windows 7 user interface. Anyhow, users will have to install Microsoft's latest operating system using a clean machine.

Thanks to Realblender who pointed to this perfectly legal loophole from Hotukdeals (opens in new tab).

Our Comments

Amazon used to sell sold Windows 7 Home Premium for as little as £44.99 including delivery. As always though, prices of OEMs will be much cheaper than the shrink wrapped box versions although for now, we must admit that we are a little bit surprised by Microsoft's generosity given that Windows 7 Home Premium will cost less in the UK than in the US. Buy it while you can.

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Désiré Athow
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