Archos To Launch Android Tablet In September

French company Archos will release an Android-based tablet PC on the 15th of September as announced back at the beginning of July by one executive at the company.

The Android tablet is set to be an improved version of the pink Pegatron smartbook we previewed here. Like the Pegatron, the Archos will be powered by a ARM Cortex-A8 based CPU, the TI OMAP 3440.

There's also a 5-inch touchscreen display (hopefully capacitive), with accelerometer support, OpenGL 3D graphics, HDMI output with external support for up to 1160x652 pixels. Other interesting tidbits include a 500GB internal storage, 10mm thickness and up to 7-hours of battery when playing video

If that wasn't enough, the device will offer native HSUPA/3G and Flash support. We don't know whether it will offer WiFi yet. So the Archos is basically a smartbook without a keyboard and should, as we expect, be the first of a number of ARM-based devices sold before Christmas.

Significantly perhaps, the Archos Tablet will be launching one week after an Apple event where many say, the company's elusive tablet may (or may no) be released. Nokia is also expected to launch its smaller Nokia N900 Mobile internet device (with a touchscreen) around the same period.

Our Comments

That tablet is already thinner than the iPhone. If only Archos could make it smaller and throw in telephony, it would surely be a capable iPhone competitor rather than just running against the iPod touch. Archos has also released a 9-inch Tablet PC which will be running Windows 7. Should cost £500 when launched.

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