Developer Pulls Down Spotify On Android Because Of Legal Issues

Just within a day after an unofficial Spotify-like app was unleashed for the Android platform, reports have emerged that it was pulled out from Android Market after the app was reportedly infringing Spotify’s arrangement with various music labels.

While Spotify has been attempting hard to make its way to hit the Apple’s iTunes App Store for quite a long time, a third party developer has unleashed an unofficial iteration of Spotify for the Android Market.

Although the unofficial version of the online music streaming service, tagged as “Drodify”, was missing out on a couple of good features - including absence of online syncing capabilities - but it looked promising as a stop-gap application until the official version of the service rolls in.

Drodify developer ‘bobcat_zed’ disclosed on his Twitter update that removing the app from the Android Market was a mutual arrangement struck out to safeguard Spotify’s music deals.

Citing the same, he posted: “Just talked to @gustavs of Spotify and we agreed on me removing #Droidify because it violates Spotify's arrangements with the music labels”.

However, Gustav Söderström from Spotify vowed that the team at Spotify is working hard to come up with an official version of the online music streaming service for Android platform as soon as possible.

Our Comments

It is only a matter of weeks before Spotify hits the headlines with a mobile version of its popular music service. It is almost certain that Apple will refuse it or will preempt it with the launch of its own Spotify-like service. But one can bet that the service will be available on Android, Symbian and possibly Windows Mobile.

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