Google Launches New Search Tools For Enterprise Clients

Consolidating its top spot in the internet search domains, Google has come up with a new tool tailored to help enterprises make comparison of their own search systems with that of offerings from Google.

The new groundbreaking tool, dubbed as “Side-by-Side”, will be offered through the search giant’s signature Enterprise Labs programme, and will enable administrators to access search results from various search engines and compare the accuracy as well as relevance of them.

The company further asserted that the new tool will be compatible with Google Search Appliance hardware and with the online Google search engine. The tool is intended to attract more enterprise users to both its search appliance as well as site search offerings.

In addition, the tool will further offer users the flexibility to randomise the position of the set of results as per their choice, in a bid to avoid any confusion that may crop up after so many votes, or simply to keep away from the idea that Google will pour in queries for its own advantage.

In order to do away with any further perplexity, both the result pages will have Google branding, as against Bing or Yahoo!, as studies have depicted that the brand Google automatically enhances users’ satisfaction with search results.

Our Comments

You will need to have a Google Search Appliance to make full use of this Side by Side feature. These do not come cheap unfortunately which means that they will be limited to big companies rather than startups. If you fall in the latter category, you might want to investigate Google's site search instead.

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