London Mayor Urges Mobile Phone Operators To Block Prostitute Numbers

Mobile phone companies have been called upon to block numbers of call girls often found on advertising cards littered in telephone boxes across London.

The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is looking for an enhanced collaboration between mobile phone operators, police, and other voluntary groups, to help aim at thousands of sex calling cards found in phone boxes across the capital city.

City Hall seeks the mobile phone firms to cut off phone numbers used by criminal gangs that control prostitution as soon as they are discovered.

Through this comprehensive crackdown on prostitution, the government intends to bring down the numbers of women trafficked into the UK ahead of 2012 London Olympics.

Citing the need for this major step, the deputy mayor, Kit Malthouse claimed that major sporting events are often associated with the rise in demand for prostitution, thereby fuelling prostitution to a great extent.

At the Athens Olympics in 2004, the count of known human trafficking victims almost doubled, he added.

Discussing the move, Malthouse said in a statement, “The Mayor wants to see an agreement reached between mobile phone operators and the police that would see these numbers taken out of use as soon as they are identified, cutting off a key source of income for these gangs”.

Chief execs of all the big mobile operator companies have been invited to a meeting in City Hall in October to discuss the issue.

Our Comments

Whether this is the right approach remains to be seen, this is however another debate altogether. The prostitutes could eventually move from mobile phone numbers to email address or Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, it is likely that most of these are PAYG numbers which means that the operators would be playing a game of cats and rats.

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