Microsoft To Give 120-days Grace Time To Windows 7 Users

Microsoft has provided with a nifty hack that allows users to extend Windows 7's 30-day trial period to a rather more generous 120 days.

A website called Windows Secrets reports that it is possible to have consecutive 30 day trial period by using a small utility provided by Microsoft.

Starting the Software License Manager and typing in "slmgr -rearm" does the trick, just as it did for Windows Vista.

After the grace period, users will have to activate their copy of Windows 7 using a valid 25-character alphanumeric product key. As expected, this does not violate the End User License Agreement but gives system administrators more room to breathe.

Trying it on previous versions of Windows 7 (e.g. Beta or RC) may yield the message "Error : 0xC004F025 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges".

The RTM version of Windows 7 is already available through Microsoft Technet and the retail version is expected to go live on the 22nd of October.

Our Comments

Microsoft has been unduly lenient recently towards consumers. It is still selling Windows 7 Home Premium for less than half its suggested retail price and has given a seriously long trial period for those who downloaded the release candidate version.

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