Nokia N900 Mobile Internet Device Review Appears In Russia

A complete review of the soon to be release Nokia N900 internet tablet, otherwise known as the Rover or RX51, has appeared in Russia together with some tasty details and close-up photographs

Mobile-Review and Eldar are the first to have laid their hands on what looks to be a ready to market model, not only a prototype. The first rumours about the N900 appeared back in May 2009 together with some pictures.

Physically, this is a N97-size mobile internet device with a 3.5-inch 800×480 (WVGA) resistive (why not capacitive) touchscreen. It has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and according to Mobile-review, the build quality is as good as on the Nokia E75.

The rest of the specification leads us to believe that Nokia used the N97 as a template for the N900: it comes with a 5-megapixel camera, 32GB of onboard storage with a microSD card reader (which supports up to 32GB), a microUSB port, GPS, TV-Out and a 1320mAh battery.

It also uses a faster ARM Cortex-A8 chipset (yes, that's the same type as the one that is found on the pink Pegatron smartbook that we reviewed last week) and comes with Maemo 5 rather than Symbian; not that this is a surprise, the previous model, the N810, ran on the Internet Tablet OS 2008.

The phone is more a replacement for the existing N810 rather than the Nokia N97. The N810 is still on sale at Expansys for a bargain £129.99 although it is unlikely that the N900 sells for much less than £500 which is what the N97 currently fetches.

Our Comments

We are not convinced that the phone (or MID) will be a huge success. It depends a lot on how Nokia will be marketing the phone as it looks like an alternative to the N97 which uses Symbian. A shame though that the keyboard appears to be slightly less well laid than the N810.

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