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Fake Snow Leopard Disc Appears In Japanese Apple Mac Mini?

A Japanese Apple customer who purchased a Mac Mini got hold of a "forgotten" Snow leopard installation DVD bearing the markings 2Z691-6492-A.

According to Engadget (whose Japanese branch got hold of the pics), the disc appears to be perfectly legal although Paul Miller, who penned the article, says that one has to wonder how the disc managed to slip out a few days before the release.

One thing that appears to be a little strange is that the writing on the disc is in English. Apple's Japanese website is .. well, in Japanese (opens in new tab), the other screen captures obtained by Engadget (opens in new tab) show only Kanji characters. Microsoft itself issued Japanese Windows Vista DVDs (opens in new tab) with Kanji writings.

Why should Apple be any different? Anyhow, the release of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is only a few days away from now and even though the slip up on Apple's website about the 28th of September release, has since been corrected, there's not long to wait for.

There was another glitch earlier last week when Apple showed the Snow Leopard Box set listing; this popular bundle listed Mac OS X 10.6 with the iLife '09 and iWork '09 software and would be sold for $169 or £129.

Another interesting tidbit from Macrumors; many of its readers have reported that the status of their OS X Snow Leopard pre-orders dates have changed to "Prepared for Shipment". More importantly, it continues to indicate a shipping date of "By August 28th".

Our Comments

Elaborate hoax or unlikely sloppiness from Apple? We shall never know. Apple's Snow Leopard, just like Windows 7, is ready to roll. Both of them are RTM and GM respectively. Let the battle begin and may the best win.

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Désiré Athow
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