Apple Ready To Launch Tablet PC?

Ever since Timothy D. Cook, Apple's Chief Executive Officer, said that the company would be launching a product that is very innovative and that is something they are very proud of, rumours of an Apple Tablet have flared.

And to make things even more interesting, two national UK newspapers, the Telegraph and the Guardian are hedging their bets as to whether Apple will effectively launch a computer with a tablet form factor.

Although much of it is based on speculation, rumours point out to a device that could look like a supersize iPod touch rather than a Macbook stripped of its keyboard. This would mean that the device would be powered by an ARM-based processor, something that would set it apart from other netbooks.

Apple will be having its annual music-oriented event in September and although sources says that a tablet is not to be expected, it would prove to be the perfect launchpad since it would happen 10 weeks or so before Christmas and on time for the back to school period.

The Tablet would also help fill a huge gap in price between the iPod Touch and the cheapest Apple notebook. Apple has already said that it won't be launching any netbook-like computers, and should be opting instead for a Kindle-like format without any physical keyboard.

Our Comments

We have already expressed our doubts earlier this year as to why we don't think a giant iPod Touch would be a success although it sounds great in theory. Apart from the fact that it will be heavy, expensive, come with a less than exciting battery life and needs two hands to manipulate.

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