Easier Android Root Hacking Method Goes Public

Capitalising upon the open-source characteristic of Android platform, a developer has come up with a new application that performs Android-equivalent jailbreaking, prominently referred to as “rooting”, for the handset users.

The app help users carry out custom operating system upgrades, such as installing HTC’s Sense UI on older versions of Android powered handsets, tethering the handset to the PC to function as a modem, as well as creating a back up of the operating system onto a SD card.

Dubbed as “Recovery Flasher”, the application has been created by a developer, named RyeBrye. The app comes with easy to negotiate features, as users would simply need to download the app, load it alongside their G1, run it, followed by tapping “back up a recovery image”, and eventually tapping “Flash Cyanofen Recovery 1.4”.

After getting done with the aforesaid process, users can install some of the cutting-edge features that are slated in upcoming Android updates, such as multitouch, obtaining new home screens, as well as system keyboards. In addition, user can also have the feature of notably improved performance on the device.

As of now, the software supports only the US version of the Android-powered handsets, and support for the UK Android handsets hasn’t been announced yet.

Our Comments

Android is expected to become a much more open system compared to the iPhone. This is not necessarily a good thing because of inherent security risks - Windows platform anyone? - but then by being more flexible, Android will very likely attract the developers that have been left outside by Apple as well as applications that are not only controversial but also likely to attract the masses.

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