£399.99 Xufeng XF50QDT-2 Electric Scooter

Do you want the best of both worlds - to save cash by dodging the cost of petrol, and to be more environmentally friendly by reducing emissions? The Xufeng XF50QDT-2 helps you to do both!

This eco-friendly, 100% electric scooter is no slouch when it comes to performance. The 1500 watt motor delivers ample torque to fulfill even the most demanding drivers' need to zip in and out of traffic.

You can drive as fast as 30mph (50km/h) and as far as 40 miles, all with no noise, no exhaust fumes and no need to pay for petrol! Plus, electric scooters are exempt from vehicle tax (though you will still need a 'free' tax disc yearly) and congestion charges. And, many cities reward eco-friendly vehicle owners with free parking. This truly is an all around good alternative to driving or public transport!

Charging is easy and convenient, simply plug the included charger into any mains socket. It takes from 4 hours (for a basic charge) to 8 hours (for a full charge) and can cost less than 10p per charge. There are a number of park & charge facilities already available throughout the country and more popping up every day. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, so finding a place to charge can only get easier over time.

Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, this sporty blue & white scooter features an easy-to-read instrument panel, a foot operated kick-stand, a mounting plate for an optional top box, and comfortable padded seat.

The seat lifts to reveal a storage area for your charger and the included tool kit while still leaving some space for a few knick knacks. The tool kit includes a reversible screw driver (consisting of a handle and a metal shaft with two different types of screw driver heads on each end), a set of four open-ended spanners (or wrenches) and two Hex keys (or Allen keys) in a zippered carrying pouch.

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