Channel 4 To Launch 3D Shows Ahead of Sky

Taking a giant leap forward into 3D broadcasting domain, UK public-service television broadcaster, Channel 4, is planning to offer a small season of 3D programming shows this autumn, as the broadcaster joins hands with a supermarket giant to distribute 3D glasses.

The broadcaster is planning to offer the series of 3D shows rendered in ColourCode 3-D technology, which when viewed using amber and blue 3D glasses provides much greater depth. It has partnered up with the supermarket major Sainsbury, which will be offering the necessary 3D glasses to help viewers enjoy the 3D shows.

Channel 4’s range of offerings of 3D shows includes ‘Derren Brown’s 3D Magic Spectacular’ as well as a collection of ‘The Greatest Ever 3D Moments’. In addition, the line-up further includes two-part series on The Queen.

However, ColourCode is a comparatively cheap technology in terms of 3D and seemingly doesn’t have the depth of more advanced broadcasting techniques, but it will offer a fairly normal look when viewed without donning 3D glasses. Furthermore, Channel 4 also pitched its hopes to get advertisers for the season, displaying adverts in 3D.

Besides, Virgin 1 also seems to set to join the league of 3D broadcasters by employing the similar ColourCode technology to broadcast an episode of Chuck 3D tonight.

Our Comments

3D could be the saviour for cinemas and big blockbusters. Although we still need those pesky sunglasses, future technologies like 3D televisions and 3D broadcasting are edging nearer. Sky committed to the idea and although it is still a niche segment, things can only go downhill as far as price is concerned.

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