Katie Price Flagged As Most Dangerous UK Celebrity Online

A survey carried out by researchers at Security outfit McAfee found out that Katie Price or her alter ego, Jordan, is the most dangerous celebrity on the web as criminals try to cash in on her virtual assets by creating malware laden honeypots.

Security experts sift through the search engine results pages for a number of celebrities in the US and the UK on Google and Yahoo. They found out that many websites were set up as traps luring visitors with the promise of news, pictures and videos of their favourite celebs.

McAfee’s principal security analyst, Greg Day, issued a word of warning “A quick flick across the front pages of the latest popular newspapers and magazines offers a fairly reliable snapshot of where the criminals will focus their efforts next”.

In Jordan's case, nearly one in every six websites that came up during the search had some sort of nasty malware and surprisingly Jude Law came up second as one of the only three men in the top 10.

We did the test and a quick browse through the top 100 results generated by Google revealed no dangerous websites (ed: maybe McAfee reported them after the survey).

Our Comments

One can imagine the hard work behind the survey; having to stay hours in front of a computer screen having to go through the thousands of photos of some of the most beautiful people on the planet. Must have been a rather boring and dull prospects for these scientists.

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