Microsoft Flogs Windows 7 UK Family Pack For £150

Three weeks after the announcement of Windows 7 Family Pack by Microsoft, the software giant has put a price on its Family pack offer; the 3-license pack will cost £150 or £50 per license.

The family pack ressembles Apple's own "Family pack" which offers five licenses for only £39, that's £8 per installation (or 6 times less than Windows own Home Premium).

Family pack was designed apparently to curb piracy and offer an appealing alternative to cash-strapped consumers. At £50 a pop per 3 licenses, the family pack will cost the same as the full version of Home Premium.

The upgrade will only be valid in limited quantity at launch (WIndows 7 will go on sale on the 22nd of October) and will target home users only. Not surprisingly, there will be no equivalent deals for Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate.

They will be available for £220 and £230 respectively for their full version while the upgrade versions of Window 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate have been unveiled as £80 (till 31/12/2009 and £100 afterwards), £190 and £200 respectively.

The upgrades are for Windows XP and Vista users although only Vista users will be able to upgrade to Windows 7 from within their OS and keep all their data and settings intact. The Family Pack update wraps up a pretty intense month of August for Microsoft; a month that saw it adopt a more conciliatory approach towards the European Union.

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Its decision to adopt a ballot screen approach to allow users to choose which browsers they want to install on their computers has apparently calmed down the European Commission.

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