Sony Ebook Readers Now Available

Sony has announced that two ebook readers that were presented earlier this month will be available as from tomorrow nationwide.

The smaller of the two, the Reader Pocket Edition comes with a 5-inch E-ink screen and is available either as pink or silver.

It comes with 512MB memory and its battery has enough juice to go through 7500 pages. It should be available for £180 from Sony style stores and Waterstone where it comes with free delivery and a free download of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

The bigger model is the Reader Touch edition, which as its name implies, comes with a touchscreen, a 6-inch model capable of displaying 800x600 pixels and is available in black or silver (no pink).

Users will be able to turn pages using their fingers (like on the real thing) and Sony has judiciously included a stylus for those looking to take notes. There's also a built-in Oxford English Dictionary.

Like the Reader PE, the TE comes with 512MB, which is twice what the PRS505, Sony's previous ebook reader offered and is roughly equivalent to 350 eBooks. It will go on sale for £250.

While stock lasts, you can also purchase the old Sony PRS505SC which comes with a 6-inch screen and costs £150. Sony will be discontinuing this model as it rolls out the Reader PE and TE.

Sony will be facing stiff competition in the UK even if the Kindle is not officially here. The Cool-er for example costs around the same price, Elonex has partnered with Borders for one and there's the threat of smartphones with ever bigger screens.

Our Comments

Sony abandoned its proprietary Ebook format for the more widespread Epub earlier this month. You can find out more details about the two readers here.

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