Sony To Spend £82m On PS3 European Campaign

Sony is backing up the release of the PS3 Slim gaming console with a £82 million marketing campaign across its main European markets with £6 million allocated to UK alone.

This will be the first major campaign for the console ever since it launched back in November 2006. In comparison, Microsoft spent £183 million last year globally in what many called an "image rehabilitation" campaign for Windows Vista.

According to Marketing Magazine, the focus will be on the gaming console's ability to perform a string of other functions like playing high definition content through Blu-Ray disks, accessing on demand television via the BBC iPlayer and Live TV recording.

The PS3 can also be used to watch television through an add on Freeview peripheral. Like Nintendo and Microsoft before, Sony will be trying to market the console to a wider audience as the count down to the critical Christmas period starts.

Market analysts Screen Digest expect the Playstation 3 to come ahead of the Xbox 360 in Europe in terms of units sold; but even combining the sales of both consoles won't beat the sales of Nintendo's uber popular Wii Console.

Alan Duncan, UK marketing director for SCEE, told The Guardian in an interview that "Two years after launch, PlayStation 3 is realising its full potential", adding that "The console is moving beyond gaming and gaming is moving beyond discs."

Sony has already slashed the price of its forthcoming Playstation 3 Slim console to £249.99, a steep £50 from the previous model as it hopes that punters will shrug economic woes and spend their hard earnt money on what a console whose new strapline is "The game is just the start".

Our Comments

Sony must make at least £100m worth of profit before it can break even on this marketing campaign. Amidst rumours of PS3 Slim shortage, one can only expect that Sony has it right and that game developers will flock to the new platform to release games in time for Christmas.

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