£374 Azuki 42-inch Full HD LCD TV W/ Freeview & DVD Player

Full HD LCD TV with Superb Image Quality, Wide Viewing Angle and other notable Capabilities The wide viewing angle ensures clear images even when viewed from an angle.

The backlights wide transmission aperture enhances the contrast between light and dark, and improves motion-image response.

Enjoy realistic starlit skies right in your living room. Improvements in panel contrast and scene-adaptive contrast gamma correction have achieved a high contrast ratio of 1300:1.

This is a television sold by CPC, the former sponsors of Channel Five's Gadget Show, and costs only £325 + VAT and delivery.

The screen comes from China and weighs approximately 25Kg. It is back in colour and has an external height of 72cm and an external width of 103cm. Amongst other specifications are the fact that it is a 42-inch screen with a 1920x1080 resolution, built in slot load DVD and has a Freeview tuner.

The Azuki EFU42FDDC also come with a CI slot to accept subscription TV modules, two speakers, HDMI, SCART, COmposite Video with Audio, S-Video, VGA input with Audio and a 500cd/m2 brightness. It comes with 12-months return to base warranty and is by far UK's cheapest 42-inch LCD Television.