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Apple Snow Leopard To Ship With Anti Malware Software

Apple has further spruced up the offerings of its new iteration of Snow Leopard operating system with the integration of anti-malware application into the latest beta version of the upcoming OS.

The Mac Security Blog displayed a screenshot of a dialogue box that seems to show the presence of an in-built antivirus application in the forthcoming operating system.

The blog was published by Intego, a security firm specialising in Mac security tools, and it asserted that the screenshot indicated Snow Leopard finding a Trojan downloaded through Safari.

The malware protection feature was added this month to Snow Leopard 10A432, the latest beta iteration of the new Mac OS X slated to hit the floor this Friday.

The newly added feature would present a pop-up window to the users, who attempt to install applications containing malicious programs, cautioning that the file would inflict damages to the PC and hence must be sent to Trash.

The feature seems to have limited protection capabilities, as it can protect computers from the files downloaded using iChat, Safari, and a few other such applications.

However, files downloaded using Skype and several such web-applications, as well as those downloaded using DVDs and thumb drives aren’t covered under the integrated anti-malware functionality.

Our Comments

Apple is slowly coming to terms with the fact that with great popularity comes even greater risks. With tens of millions of users worldwide, the Mac platform can no longer be viewed as a niche market especially given the fact that mac users are predominantly from the upper strata of the socio-demographic pyramid.

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