Nokia To Release Maemo-based ARM Smarbook In 2010?

Sources in Taiwan have confirmed that Nokia will follow up the release of its Windows-based Nokia Booklet 3G with an ARM-based smartbook which will almost certainly come with Maemo (or maybe Symbian S60).

Digitimes reports the Nokia Booklet will be produced by Compal and will be available early 2010, at least two months after the release of Windows 7 Starter.

As for the netbook, the Taiwanese news outlet says that Compal Electronics or Foxconn Electronics could be lined up for the job; we do know already that Pegatron, a subsidiary of Asus, may also join in the fray with a Nokia version of its pink smartbook which we reviewed here.

Nokia's Booklet 3G netbook looks set to become a best seller due to a number of innovations as well as the relationship Nokia enjoys with many mobile phone networks worldwide.

It is likely that the new smartbook will feature an ARM chipset capable of decoding HD content. The 1GHz Snapdragon could well be short-listed because of its specifications although by there are at least five other ARM based solutions from TI, Samsung and others which could be chosen.

Expect the Smartbook to be available mid 2010 or, as they say in the business, depending on market demands and to come with built-in accelerometer, A-GPS, built in 3G and OVI.

Our Comments

It would be quite disappointing if Nokia decided to use Maemo instead of Symbian for its smartbook because it would be great to have the same interface on your smartphone and on your smartbook as well. Plus Symbian is well suited for a device which is essentially smartphone with a bigger screen and a keyboard.

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