PCs Still Not Shipping With Blu-ray Drives

In spite of a notable surge in the sales of Blu-ray players, coupled with the advent of Sony’s new PS3 Slim that is hoped to raise the uptake of Blu-ray format, analyst firm iSuppli asserted that the Blu-ray drives haven’t even started penetrating the PC market yet.

According to the stats revealed by the market research firm, a meagre 3.6 percent of all PCs shipped in the year were bundled with Blu-ray drives, and growth rate for the same will remain at the lowers side.

Discussing the situation, Michael Young, a senior analyst with iSuppli, said: “BDs won’t be replacing DVDs as the primary optical drive in PC systems through at least the year 2013. They eventually will find success, but during the next five years, that success will be limited in the PC segment.”

Young further attributed high cost as well as lack of Blu-ray movie libraries as the main factors hampering the growth of Blu-ray drives sales. Owing to high price-tag of the drives, consumers are simply not willing to pay extra amount to get a high-definition drive, he added.

The company also insisted that the new computer storage media would find success only after the content based on it would become abundantly available, and when PC users would understand its value. iSuppli forecasts that at the most 16.3 percent of total computers will have Blu-ray drives installed.

Our Comments

To be fair, the price of these drives have been falling significantly during the past year. Still, a standalone Blu-ray player like this Sharp model now costs just around £30 more than a PC Blu-ray Reader. More importantly, Blu-ray content cannot be played straight through any computer; one needs a powerful processor, lots of memory, plus a better than average video card.

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