PS3 Slim Price Drops To £230 As Official TV Ad Emerges

Sony's forthcoming PS3 Slim gaming console could become THE gaming console to buy for Christmas as thousands gather to preorder the device from online retailers across the country.

Both Shopto and Simplygames are battling it out to become the cheapest retailer of Playstation 3 Slimline in the country with both offering the console for a few pennies under £230.

Shopto offers free delivery and guarantees delivery for the 1st of September 2009 and both companies will take payment only when the goods are actually shipped.

With less than six days left, the console has topped the charts at Amazon in the gaming console category in the UK and in the US already. An advert for the PS3 Slim in UK has already cropped up on Youtube as part of Sony's £6 million UK campaign.

In related news, ifixit has managed to take the PS3 slim apart. How they managed to get one in the first place is one of life's great mysteries.

Inside the beast is a 95-mm fan with 17 (yes, 17) blades, a big slot in Blu-ray drive, a 120GB 5400rpm SATA 2.5-inch hard disk, and a mainboard that contains the RSX Reality Synthetizer and the Cell Broadband Engine. It is not known whether iFixit later put it back together later.

Our Comments

The PS3 Slim is a glorious piece of technology, we knew that already; what we don't know whether the £82 million campaign (that's roughly equivalent to 300,000 PS3 sold) will be sufficient to encourage people to buy PS3 Slim AND games.

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