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Sony Releases Wireless Ebook Reader To Rival Kindle

Sony has unveiled a new Ebook that, unlike the two announced yesterday, is squarely aimed at Amazon's Kindle thanks to its built in 3G connectivity and touchscreen display - but no keyboard.

The Daily Edition is a 7-inch ebook reader with an aluminium chassis and will allow users to download books for free from Sony's online store via AT&T 3G network as well as daily newspapers and other (paid for) reading material.

Unlike previous generation Ebook readers from Ebook, the Daily Edition doesn't need a computer to download the files first. Up to 1000 ebooks can be stored on the Daily Edition and it is not known whether this can be expanded using a Memory Stick.

Unique to the Daily Edition is the option it offers to its users to borrow books from local libraries using a virtual library card through a feature called Library finder. The books expire after 21 days but access to the scheme would remain free.

Another key differentiator, when compared to the Kindle, is the fact that Ebooks from Sony are paradoxically more open than Amazon's; Sony has adopted an open e-book standard while Kindle ebooks can only be read on Kindle or on Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone.

The price of the device has been set at around $400 which is roughly $100 less than Amazon's more affordable Kindle and will go on sale in December. Sony however failed to say whether the Daily Edition will be available outside the US.

A spokesperson for Sony told that a UK launch of the device is at least one year away. The company would need to sort out distribution rights and a revenue share scheme with one network and the various other partners.

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Sony abandoned its proprietary Ebook format for the more widespread Epub earlier this month. You can find out more details about the two readers here

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