Steve Jobs Back At Apple's Helm For Tablet Launch?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s iconic chief exec, Steve Jobs, has again started taking interest even in the smallest details of the company’s products, and this time he is focusing hard on the new tablet device.

The report suggests that the people working on the new tablet device are being scrutinised intensely by Steve Jobs, especially those associated with formulating marketing and advertising strategy for the product.

The WSJ quoted a person close to the situation saying that the intense scrutiny from Mr Jobs has been shaking up some of the Apple employees, who had become habitual to a certain degree of freedom over policy and products while the chief exec was on medical leave.

The anonymous sources further quoted that Mr Jobs has held back the launch of the tablet device twice in past couple of years due to its poor battery life and not enough memory capacity.

However, Steve Jobs sent an email to the WSJ saying “much of your information is incorrect”, but didn’t provide any details on that part.

Rumours of an Apple tablet device have been doing rounds for the past couple of months, with reports even suggesting that the device could hit the market as soon as this fall, while some are saying that it won’t appear until next year.

Our Comments

Will the tablet PC be launched in September? The ninth month of the year should be one of the more exciting ones after a rather tepid August when everyone goes on holidays. Still, having Jobs back for Apple will only do good to the company. Apple has consistently outperformed the NASDAQ over the last month, posting double the growth.

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