Wikipedia In Bid To Stop Article Vandalism

In a bid to curb false info from being disseminated through its platform, Wikipedia has brought upon some new measures that would place restrictions on the way people make changes to the pages of this widely popular online encyclopedia.

The initiative depicts a paradigm shift in the manner in which the online encyclopedia gathers and shares information with the online community, and simply implies that the pages on the website can no longer be edited by users at their will.

The new measures, dubbed as “flagged versions”, have been introduced to safeguard “high-profile people who have always been a target for pranksters and vandalism” on the website, says the website’s founder Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia has been subjected to a series of controversies in past few years about false and inaccurate information entries on it, and the initiative will help preventing occurrences of similar problems in the future.

Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organisation that controls Wikipedia, said that it will constitute a new team of “experienced volunteer editors” to watch over any changes made to the article pages on the website, which features among the world’s top 10 most visited websites across the globe.

Discussing the significance of the move in preventing false info from being displayed, the chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation Michael Snow “We are no longer at the point that it is acceptable to throw things at the wall and see what sticks”.

Our Comments

Wikipedia is learning the hard way how it feels to be one of the ten biggest websites on Earth. By introducing some self-regulatory mechanisms, Wikipedia is making sure that it cannot be accused at a later stage of not doing anything to prevent website defacing or online vandalism.

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