Amazon To Introduce Private Cloud Offer Via VPN

In a bid to address some of the security issues surrounding cloud computing, Amazon Web Services on Wednesday unleashed a new service to help organisations create their private clouds.

Amazon’s signature Virtual Private Cloud offers business users their own “isolated” computing resources within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud framework, which can be accessed by a virtual private cloud network.

The company further notified that business customers will be able to use their existing security tools and firewalls to safeguard their private clouds. The new service won’t necessitate customers to have long-term contracts, needs small upfront investments, and the users will only need to pay for the resources they use, Amazon added.

The offering is tailored to help organisations looking ahead to expand various parts of their IT infrastructure using the cloud computing features. With the help of a handful of APIs, the service allows users to create their own distinct network, spell out an IP address range, as well as launch the Amazon Cloud onto the created network.

Pointing out to some of the major customers currently using AWS between Amazon resources and internal resources, Amazon said that the service effortlessly integrates with AWS, “all without cumbersome configuration or management hassles”.

Our Comments

Amazon is gradually morphing into a formidable service provider that could potentially rival Microsoft and Google fairly soon. Maybe they should buy a startup like Zoho as well? Anyway, allowing businesses to muster the firepower of Amazon Web Services is one step ahead of what's currently on the market.

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