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Microsoft Slashes Xbox 360 Pro Price As Well

Microsoft's just-announced price cut for its Xbox 360 Elite gaming console hides another one; the 360 Pro is also going down in price in UK although not officially and while stocks last before the SKU is officially abandoned.

The official retail price of the Xbox 360 Elite dropped from £229 to £199 this morning; aalthough the press release we received today talked only of Arcade and Elite prices, a quick look at online retailers showed that this Bank holiday weekend is going to be quite busy.

Argos is clearing out the Xbox 360 Pro (opens in new tab) offering it for only £166.49 complete with all the accessories while online retailer CCL Online (opens in new tab) will sell it for £165.99.

At this price, the Xbox 360 Pro is only £6 more expensive than the Xbox 360 Arcade and still a full £30 cheaper than the Xbox 360 Elite ( (opens in new tab) will take preorders for the Xbox 360 Elite at £189.99 with free delivery) and now costs a few pounds less than the Nintendo Wii.

Based on Microsoft's new price structure, by Christmas, only two SKUs (Arcade and Elite) will remain and Microsoft is set to make sure that the Arcade becomes the next SKU to disappear.

A £40 price difference can hardly be justified the existence of a gaming console that doesn't come with a hard disk drive.

Argos is still selling the Xbox 360 Arcade (opens in new tab) with a Sega S Star Pack for £136.99 (£23 less than the £160 September price) and apparently, like for the Xbox 360 Pro, still has stock left for delivery nationwide.

The new Xbox 360 Elite will lose the HDMI cable but still keeps the Netflix exclusivity although that's still not available in the UK.

Our Comments

Both Microsoft and Sony have made the price cuts ahead of the forthcoming holiday season; Christmas is "only" 15 weeks away for now and both will try to outdo each other in order to increase their sales. Chris Lewis, vice president Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Europe said that, "With the Christmas season right around the corner, it’s already time to start looking for entertainment and gifts that everyone will enjoy"

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