Microsoft Says Sorry For Editing Black Man Out Of Photo

Microsoft has belatedly apologised for the row over a digitally modified photograph where the head of a black man was swapped for a white one but someone forgot to swap the hands as well.

Since the story broke out early morning, Microsoft has replaced the picture which was on its Polish "business productivity website". Apparently, the image was obtained from a stock photograph.

It is not know whether the person who edited the photo worked at Microsoft or for a third party. Similarly, we don't know whether he or she used Photoshop or Microsoft's Photodraw.

Furthermore, it has issued an official mini-statement on its corporate Twitter feed saying "Marketing site photo mistake - sincere apologies - we're in the process of taking down the image."

In another statement, a Microsoft spokesperson said that "Diversity and inclusion are core values and business imperatives of Microsoft, and we apologise for any offence that might have been taken."

Microsoft did the right thing. Apologising profusely and preventing this genuinely innocent mistake from becoming a massive PR catastrophe.

As David Coursey, writing for PCWorld puts it, these things happen all the time and the only reason why this one cropped up is because of the forgotten hand.

But it also brings up another question. Why did someone at Microsoft choose to remove the black man in the first place and not the other Asian guy?

Our Comments

This is clearly a stock picture as it is apparent given the fact that everyone is smiling mechanically during a boring presentation. Furthermore, why does the monitor in front of the lady not connected?

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