Working From Home Could Save UK Economy Billions

UK businesses could save a massive up to £32 billion in transportation expenses if the employees are allowed to work from their homes more frequently, as workers are simply ready to accept salary cuts to strike a better work/life balance, a recent report from the mobile operator Orange suggested.

Based on the recent research from YouGov as well as ideas from the renowned futurologist James Bellini, the survey, which included 3,281 UK office staffers, revealed that around 16 percent of the respondent would be okay with an average salary cut of worth £6,900, and 42 percent would be willing to give up their company cars if allowed to work from their ideal location.

Furthermore, a considerable 27 percent would forfeit seniority of their positions, and around a quarter of the respondents would even leave future progression in job if given a chance to work from their homes.

The report, tagged as “Connected Britain”, analyses the workforce of the future, and presents the potential of opportunities a digitally connected Britain would offer to both employees and employers.

Commenting upon the results of the survey of its own kind, the director of corporate marketing at Orange UK, Robert Ainger, said: “This research reveals that far from being a financial barrier for business, flexible working actually presents a significant opportunity for businesses to save money and improve employee morale.”

Our Comments

Working from home requires a formal framework and may not be to anyone's taste. Still during the recession, companies may find out that they can save significant amount of money simply by allowing their employees to stay at home and either ask them for a salary sacrifice or cutting back on other benefits.

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