Canada Coerces Facebook To Adopt Tighter Privacy Rules

In what could be depicted as a big victory for more than 200 million Facebook users across the globe, the social networking giant has finally agreed to put new stiffer privacy rules into practice.

Back in last year, Facebook’s privacy policy was called into question by Canada’s Privacy Commission, after some law students of the country charged the social networking site for infringing the country’s privacy laws.

Facebook was indicted by the Privacy Commission last month, and was ordered to bring upon necessary changes in its privacy rules to make them in line with the recommendations put forth by the authority.

Eventually, Facebook has agreed to introduce the essential changes that comply with the ommission’s recommendations to protect users’ privacy, which would see enhanced users’ control over the content they posted on the website.

Commenting upon the move taken by Facebook to safeguard privacy of its millions of users, the Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, said in a statement: “These changes mean that the privacy of 200 million Facebook users in Canada and around the world will be far better protected”.

She further went on to say that the move was “extremely important”, as it would enable people to enjoy the benefits of the platform without compromising with their privacy.

Our Comments

It seems that privacy rules have been a cause of concern for Facebook for past few months or so, as it had to face users’ wrath on a couple of occasions over changing its privacy policy. In other news, Facebook has released the third version of its extremely popular iPhone App.

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