Facebook 3.0 App Lands On Apple's iPhone

A new version of the iPhone app for the world's most popular social networking website, Facebook, has been made available on Apple's iTunes store and still retains the nominal price of £0.

The application, which has more than 12 million monthly active users, has been developed by Facebook programmer Joe Hewitt and brings in a number of new features with a freshly organised user interface.

Notifications are now located at the bottom of the screen with nine categories neatly laid across it; users can choose between news feed, profile, friends, inbox, chat, requests, events, photos and notes.

The third version of the application also adds the possibility of uploading a video file for iPhone 3GS owners plus the new page can be viewed in landscape.

Other features include the well needed Events features to which users can RSVP, the ability to write notes and create new photo albums; speaking of photos, not only will iPhone and iTouch users be able to Zoom into photos, they will also be able to upload photos straight to their accounts as well.

A few minor bugs have already surfaced including one which prevents the user from hiding people and apps from the news feed and will probably necessitate a version 3.1. Some users have also reported an "Error Unable to load your online friends" message when going to the chat feature.

Our Comments

The Facebook App has been hailed by revered tech blog Techcrunch as the best iPhone App ever and its huge following, around 25 percent of iPhone and iPod touch users worldwide, shows how far we've got ever since tiny screens and crappy mobile apps.

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