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250GB PS3 and Xbox Gaming Consoles Coming Before Christmas?

Both Microsoft and Sony are apparently getting prepared for the next battle in the gaming console market as rumours of 250GB models on either sides have emerged.

Amazon had a page that listed a Microsoft Xbox Elite Console with a 250GB hard disk drive, two wireless controllers and Forza Motorsport 3 for 280 Euros or £249 which, surprise, surprise is the suggested selling price of the new PS3 Slim.

The page has already been removed but only for another one to reappear in South Africa with even more details. The 250GB model will apparently come in October 2009 and will bear the name Xbox Super 360 Elite. The selling price in the country of Springboks? A staggering £373 or 4700 Rands.

As for Sony, well, we have already reported earlier this month about a 250GB model, the CECH-2001B, which has already been presented to the US FCC by Sony.

The sudden interest by both parties into beefing up the storage capacity of their gaming consoles comes from the fact that hard disk space is needed to download and store content from their respective marketplace.

In addition, both companies have signed agreements with the likes of or BBC which could see these current-generation consoles be turned into high-end media centres.

Our Comments

Anyhow, even if you have an old generation Xbox or PS3 console, upgrading their hard disk drives rather than buying a new model would make financial sense. Sony PS3 users are likely to be the luckier because they have less restrictions than Xbox 360 users. A 500GB 2.5-inch model for example costs less than £60.

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Désiré Athow
Désiré Athow

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